Jamun Vegan Capsules

Jamun Vegan Capsules
Jamun Vegan Capsules

Jamun Vegan Capsules

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60 Vegan Capsules
Several studies show that Jamun fruit’s high alkaloid content can be beneficial in controlling hyperglycaemia or high blood sugar. Beyond the fruit, extracts from the seeds, leaves and bark are also indicated as useful for reducing high levels of blood sugar in the body.
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Commonly known as Java plum or Indian blackberry in English, this juicy fruit holds great significance in holistic Ayurvedic treatments as it mitigates Kapha and Pitta, being both refreshing and revitalising. Jamun is used for the maintenance of general health and vitality, and diabetics are well advised to include Jamun powder as part of their daily supplement intake.

About Hesh's Jamun Capsules

  • Ethically Sourced
  • Fairly Traded Ingredients
  • 100% Plant-Based
  • Gluten-Free
  • BPA Free
  • Sustainably Cultivated
  • Suitable for Vegans

Jamun FAQs

Q. What is Jamun?

A. Jamun, also known as Indian blackberry or black plum, is a fruit native to South Asia and Southeast Asia. It is a small, purple or black-coloured fruit with juicy flesh and a sweet and sour taste. In traditional medicine, Jamun is often used for its health benefits due to its high content of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The fruit and its seeds can be consumed fresh or dried, and the juice and extract can also be found in supplement form.

Q. Should I buy Jamun Powder or capsules?

A. When it comes to purchasing Jamun, a herbal plant known for its potential health benefits, the choice between powder and capsule forms can be difficult. Both forms have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice depends on personal preference and specific needs.

Capsules are a convenient and easy way to supplement with Jamun. They are pre-measured, making it easier to ensure the correct dose, and they are easy to swallow. Capsules may be a better choice for individuals who find it difficult to measure out the correct dose of powder or who have difficulty swallowing powders.

Powdered Jamun, on the other hand, offers more versatility and control over the dose. The powder form can be added to drinks or food, making it easy to incorporate into a daily routine. Additionally, some individuals may prefer the traditional powder form for a more authentic and natural experience.

Q. What are Jamun Capsules prepared from?

A. Jamun capsules are a form of dietary supplementation derived from the Eugenia jambolana fruit, also known as the Indian Blackberry. This fruit is abundant in nutrients and has a history of being used for its potential health benefits, including controlling diabetes and promoting digestive health, in traditional medicine.

To create the capsules, the fruit is dried, ground, and processed to produce a consistent and easy-to-use product. By opting for Jamun capsules, individuals can enjoy the natural compounds of the plant without the effort of sourcing and preparing the fruit themselves.

Q. What are the benefits of Jamun?

A. Jamun is used for its many benefits, which include:

  • Studies show that Jamun fruit’s high alkaloid content can be beneficial in controlling hyperglycaemia or high blood sugar.[1]
  • It is effective in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, inflammation, ulcers and diarrhoea and preclinical studies have also shown it to possess chemopreventive, radioprotective and antineoplastic properties.[2]
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